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An Iconic, Inspiring & Legendary Hotel

Every hotel has a story – real and reel in varying degree. One of the most popular ones being that of the making of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. But before we re-share the mystique a billionth time let’s get inspired by Bombay’s (now Mumbai) first harbor landmark, built some 20 years before Gateway ofmore

Revisiting Taj

At TSI, the Year 2012 wrapped itself up with team’s annual trip on December 29th; clubbed with the company’s Silver Anniversary Celebration (the main dine and wine is still due) The chosen destination for fun and activities was Agra, at 4.5 hours distance from New Delhi (now 2-2.5 hrs via 165 kms 6-laned Expressway!). Themore

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Another year has come to an end. A great year, in which we’ve grown, we’ve made new friends and formed memories and learnings, given up some things and acquired some things new. For us, Team TSI, it has been the last few months wherein we made way for a new outlook for our website www.india-heritage-hotels.commore