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Rawla Narlai

Rawla Narlai

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Hotel Rawla Narlai

Live in a building that was built during the 17th century. The villa is situated on the way between Jodhpur and Udaipur in a picturesque location, which you can enjoy from the window of your room. The hotel is situated in a hunting lodge that was gifted by Maharaja Umaid Singhji to his younger brother, Maharaj Ajit Singhji. The villa was later restored to its full glory by Maharaj Swaroop Singh. ‘Rawla’ is the local term for village which means that the villa is located amidst the vibrant Rajasthani villages. The villa is located in between the Aravalli mountain range on one side and a 350 feet high single granite rock with a statue of an elephant at its top on the other side. The hillock is dotted with temples and caves and houses many of the sightseeing destinations of the place.

Accommodation and other facilities

The rooms are spacious and designed to offer maximum comfort to guests. The walls are adorned with Rajasthani paintings of the king’s court, elephants and horses. The furniture is typically Rajasthani to match with the surroundings. The bedroom opens to a sprawling balcony from where you can enjoy some of the best views of the area. The bathrooms are fitted with modern amenities to suit the taste of the international visitors. Luxury tents are also available for guests who want a taste of the life of a Rajasthani caravan.

Dining at Hotel Rawla Narlai

Dining is a special and spiritual adventure in Narlai. Guests are taken to a 1100-year-old construction, ‘step well’, nestled in a dense jungle. The journey to the place is no less than a pilgrimage. The entire place is lit with traditional oil lamps, wrapping it into an envelope of mystery and fantasy. The food is laid out in the traditional fashion, maintaining the Rajasthani style of hospitality.

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