experience riches of the yore

Ravla Khempur

Ravla Khempur Hotel Overview

Speaking of Udaipur is synonymous with speaking about the royal families. As a result, the heritage accommodation of Hotel Ravla Khempur is the ideal place to experience the rich history of the area. The word ‘Ravla’ means the residence of the village chieftain in the local language. The abode now has been converted into a heritage hotel to let you get a taste of the lifestyle of the kings and knights.

The hotel is also a horse lover’s paradise with a full-functioning stable that houses some of the best equine specimens of Marwari and Kathiawari breeds.

Accommodation and other facilities
The palace contains ten well-appointed rooms completed with the views of gardens, stable, temple and the village. The rooms offer a perfect blend of tradition and modernity as the furniture and showpieces are carefully chosen to represent the colorful lifestyle of the Rajasthani people. The ‘gokhara’ or the canopied balcony attached to the room is the perfect place to sit and relax. The rooms are fitted with all the modern facilities that are important to today’s guests.

Staying in Ravla Khempur is a memorable experience as you can enjoy the following activities within the walls of the palace:

  • Horse riding and safari
  • Camel safari
  • Jeep safari
  • Car hire
  • Cycle hire
  • Mini library
  • Riding classes
  • Horse dance and cultural evening
  • “Gavri” – Tribal folk dance

Dining in Ravla Khempur
The dining experience in Ravla Khempur is full of surprises as the restaurant here doesn’t come with a menu. They love to keep their guests guessing about what they are going to serve. However, the castle serves an exotic spread of Marwari cuisine prepared fresh from the groceries of the local markets. The foods are served with extreme tenderness which is a signature of Rajasthani hospitality. The guests are also offered special home-made aperitif wines with a perfect pairing with food.