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Hotel Patan Mahal

Hotel Patan Mahal

Hotel Patan Mahal Overview

This palatial fort is located in a valley formed by three hills. It was constructed by the Tomar clan rulers of Patan and their idea was to build a castle that is hidden from the views of enemies. As a result, they chose this impregnable area to build their home. The royal family who resided here were known as the Raos of Patan and the first Rao was considered to be the direct descendant of the last Hindu ruler of Delhi, Anang Pal Tomar II.

The once royal abode has now been opened to travelers who want to soak in the lap of luxury and experience the royal ways of living.

Accommodation and facilities
The palace was turned into a heritage hotel after the present scion took the conscious decision to open the family residence for visitors after carefully restoring it for over five years. It was his decision not to increase the number of rooms in the haveli so that the guests can be treated with more care and enjoy their stay in the original building. There are rooms with trapdoors and with small doors that open to the turrets of the castle. The owner has also taken care to circumspectly restore the age-old paintings on the walls and ceilings. All the rooms are airy and large, decorated with antique and period furniture. However, initiatives have also been taken to offer the best facilities to modern-day guests. As a result, all the rooms have adjacent bathrooms with uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water and contemporary bathroom fittings.

Although you’ll be welcomed to an 800-year-old fort that doesn’t mean that you have to dispense with modern facilities. Keeping in mind the needs of modern travelers, the hotel is loaded with features like the following:

  • Air-conditioning
  • En-suites with bathtubs
  • Tea and coffee makers
  • Mini-bar
  • Air-conditioned dining area
  • Swimming pool
  • Continuous power backup
  • Internet connectivity