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Darbargadh Palace

Darbargadh Palace Hotel Overview

Darbargadh Palace, Morvi, situated on the bank of Machchhu is the original land of the Morvi rulers in Gujarat. This wonderful palace can be accessed by crossing an arcade façade and a grand gate. In recent times, this historic palace has been converted into a wonderful heritage hotel in Morvi.

Morvi is a city in the Rajkot district of the state of Gujarat. During the British period, Morvi was a princely state. At the time of Indian independence, the king of this Morvi was Raja Mayurdvaj. During the 1979, this was severely attacked by a deadly flood. The lethal flood seriously damaged many historic monuments of Morvi, including the Darbargadh Palace. Thereafter, the wonderful palace has been converted in to a heritage hotel in the state of Gujarat.

Facilities at Darbargadh Palace, Morvi

The royal settings at the Darbargadh Palace, Morvi attract tourists of all ages and categories. The spacious public area adjoining the wonderful suites and the wooden staircase leading to the marble galleries provide an imperial felling to the guests. The apartment sized bathrooms and the palm-fringed garden showcase the wealth and opulence of the erstwhile rulers.

The nearby tourist attraction is Kathiavad which is rich in monuments. Even the Indus Valley site of Lothal and few other historically important places can be easily accessed from Darbargadh Palace.

Various types of accommodations are available in this sprawling palace-turned heritage hotel. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning facilities. Single as well as double rooms are available in the hotel.Only the resident tourists of this heritage hotel are entitled to visit famous Art Deco Palace of Morvi.

The hotel also offers good dining options for the tourists. In includes complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even the non-residents can enjoy the food delicacies, but they need to book well in advance. The hotel also offers conference facilities to the guests.